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23 Apr 2013

My Spring/Summer 2013 Wishlist

1. Nars Blush - Deep Throat (cheeky!) 
I have lusted after this for so so long! I swatched it a while ago when I was shopping in Manchester and fell in love! I love Orgasm as well but I think with this being a little pinker it would look so lovely in the sun!

2. Zara Office City Bag
This is a 2 in 1 want for me. My laptop case for my Macbook Air is starting to look a little tired and I have been looking around for one that not only protects my baby, but also fits in my bag perfectly. I came across this bag after Tania Burr featured it in a video and that was it. Now I can't open safari without looking at it on the Zara website. I'm officially in love!

3. Lush Happy Hippy shower gel
This is my usual go-to shower gel, and I am just about out of the smaller size. With my tiny student budget, I have been trying to buy a few cheaper alternatives of my essentials. So far it's failing, so maybe I can justify this to myself when I'm in manchester next month.

4. Jeffrey Campbell Litrane Platform Ankle Boot
I know, not much of a summer shoe, but again, I have had my eye on these for ages! I think they will look so great with a midi skirt and a leather jacket for more of a dressed up look. or even just a shorter skirt and a tee for something more casual. Can you tell I'm trying to justify this? ;) 

5. Michael Kors Butterfly Shape Sunglasses
These would be an absolute splurge at £100 from ASOS but I love them more than life itself. I am forever buying cheap £1 or £2 sunnies from Primark and then i either lose them or sit on them and that's  the end of them. I really want some expensive sunglasses that I can look after and use year in year out. Maybe I will pick them up next year when I have somewhere sunny to go. Northern weather just isnt worth the price tag. 

6. Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush
Gemma from Gemsmaquillage reviewed this not too long ago and I have wanted to try it out myself ever since. I'm one of these people that tend to stick to powder blush, because I knnow it works. However, I really want to try some creme blushes this summer and this watercolour blush is such a good idea, something I've never seen before but is raved about. Want Want Want!! 

What's on your Spring/Summer Wishlist? Leave a comment and let me know! :) 


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  1. Ahhh isn't Happy Hippy the best ever? Smells delish. I really like your blog, quite cool xx