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15 Apr 2014

Catch Up - It's been too long!

Hey! Long time no see lovelies, As many of you will already know, I'm a student and naturally as the academic year comes to an end I've had so much work to do. I've had an exam and lots of coursework so with portfolio's and essays coming out of my ears I decided to put blogging on hold till my deadlines had passed. 
I've missed writing for you guys so much and so just one day after my last deadline, I'm back! I've had lots going on outside all my work which include a lot of stressful things and a couple of lovely things just to balance it all out! 

I'm finally back home for the summer and it's so lovely getting to spend so much time with my family and my boyfriend, One of my best friends got engaged which was just amazing and I've had a great time catching up with my friends this past couple of weeks in between finishing and submitting work. 
I recently started my Slimming World diet too and I've been really enjoying it, weigh in isn't till tomorrow so I'm not sure how I've done yet but I've been sticking to it religiously and I've been loving trying out all the new recipes, maybe an idea for a post soon?
My skin has been so bad since moving back home, I thought maybe it was the change in water? Or is that a silly suggestion? My usual skincare just isn't clearing it up, if any of you have any suggestions for really dry skin and breakouts then let me know because it's driving me mad!! 
Now I have so much more time on my hands again there will be at least 3 posts a week, maybe even more if I get a spare evening. 

Don't forget to comment with your skincare tips to save a poor bloggers life!



2 Mar 2014

Giveaway Winner!!

I just want to say a huge thank you for everyone that came along and entered my giveaway this month! 
I used random.org number generator to find the winner.

Well done to Jessica McKenzie from http://www.jessicamckenzie.blogspot.co.uk!!

I wil be running another giveaway soon so keep you're eyes peeled! 




18 Feb 2014

My 20th Birthday - Haul

I would like to firstly apologise for my lack of posts recently! I've been Ill and then I was so busy for my birthday that I just had no time or energy to put enough effort into a post and didn't want to write a half decent one just to fill a gap. 

I had such an amazing birthday weekend and that is all thanks to my amazing family and friends!

I went out for the day in Liverpool with my family and my boyfriend which was lovely and did a fair bit of shopping. I've taken pictures of the things that I bought whilst in Liverpool and a few bits and bobs that I received from my family and my boyfriend's family too.

I finally took the plunge and bought the Naked 3. So far I have been so so impressed with it. I have quite small eyes and so the lighter colours seem to really compliment them and make them pop! I will be hopefully be doing a full review soon!

I love the style of the keyring and notebook that my boyfriend's mum and auntie bought me! They look lovely in my room too and I've found a nice way to display them. I was thinking about doing a 'room tour' post so let me know if you would like to see that. 

I also picked up a lovely backpack style bag from Forever 21. I love the fact that it never falls off my shoulder like my other everyday bags and It's so spacious. It's great for carrying my things around uni .

My little brother got me a custom made Smiths mug with a painting of Morrissey on that a family member did. He paints custom canvasses and so this has real sentimental value to me!This goes perfectly with the T-shirt that I bought from HMV (fangirl alert)!!!

I also popped into MAC and picked up 'Creme In your Coffee' which is a lovely Cremesheen Lipstick and MAC Iridescent powder in Silver Dusk which I am loving as a highlight or just adding a little bit to my foundation for a lovely glow.

I had such a great weekend seeing family and picked up lots of things from my wish list! I also had this amazing salad in Pret, Crayfish and Avacado! Yum!!!

I'd love to know what's on your wish list! Drop me a comment below!




5 Feb 2014

REVIEW - Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Scrub

This was one of those products that I expected a lot from. Since the cleansing balm is so amazing I did really hope that this would live up to the same expectations and so far I can honestly say that it has. 
It can be used as a mask or as a scrub and at first I decided to just try it as a scrub. I applied it in the same way that I would use an exfoliating scrub and used it on more dry areas because it did feel quite harsh and I know how sensitive my skin can be. I applied it all over the backs of my arms and my legs and also used a little bit on my back as my skin can get quite dry there, I did notice that the 'Organic Red Corn'  really did exfoliate my skin and I could tell straight away that it was working which was nice. I love the fact that it's really thick as I felt like it was really moisturising as well as exfoliating. The smell is another thing that really stood out to me. 
The Moringa scent is really fresh and lingers on the skin just the right amount without being overpowering.
I noticed that the dry patches on my arms and blemishes on my back really did clear up and I felt that the scrub really did moisturise those areas well!
When using it in mask form I just applied a similar amount to problem areas and left for a few minutes while conditioning my hair before rinsing and massaging off. 
I didn't necessarily notice that one method was more beneficial than the other as both worked wonders for my skin.
Now to justify the normal price tag when I need to replace!

Have you tried this product or any body scrubs that you think match up? 
Drop me a comment and let me know! 




29 Jan 2014

GIVEAWAY!!! - Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette + Primer Potion

It was always my intention to hold a giveaway when I reached 500 Bloglovin' followers to say a big Thank You and so although admittedly a little late here it is!
The prize will be 1 Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and 1 Eyeshadow Primer Potion! 

Check out the rules below for your chance to win!

- Must be following www.leeshajayne.com either on Bloglovin' or Google
- Comment below telling me what your number one eye product is
- You can enter once per day, 1 comment = 1 entry
- I will be choosing the winner using random.org on 1st March 2014
- Winner will be announced through a blog post on 1st March 2014

Good Luck!!




21 Jan 2014

Haul - Beauty and Stationary

This was one of those shopping trips that was supposed to cost me a few pounds for my train fare and a few pounds for my dinner. I had every intention of window shopping. I just happened to pop into the Apple store and the customer service that I received annoyed me that much that I made an angry impulse purchase (or 2...or 3).

Urban Decay - Naked Palette- £37

I had been pondering over the Naked palettes for so long. I had never actually made the plunge because my tight budget had always stopped me in my tracks but my friend was buying it and I just couldn't stop myself this time. I tried to justify it as an early birthday present. A month early isn't too much right? I also may have ordered the Naked 2 last night. Oops!! 

Emma Hardie - Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Treatment - £20
After trying out the cleansing balm I just needed this in my life. I have been looking for something to sort out the skin on the tops of my arms and my legs for what seems like forever and nothing has ever been quite what I was looking for so hopefully this will do the trick! I cannot believe that I got this for £20 in TK Maxx when it's usually priced at £46. Such a bargain! I will be posting a review in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Sleek - Blush by 3 - Lace - £9.99
I have been lusting after this for honestly about 2 years. The Superdrug near me doesn't have a sleek stand so whenever I go out for the day I always go in and swatch it before telling myself that I don't need it and regretting it for well, 2 years as it happens. I absolutely love the coral colours in this palette and I just know that it will be perfect for summer! 

Elizabeth Arden - New York In Bloom Bold Eye Pencil - Platinum Glow - £6.00
TK Maxx always seem to have products from this collection and I never seem to find anything that I really like. However, I came across this Eye Pencil today and it's such an amazing colour. I think that it will be really versatile and I can't wait to have a play around with it and work out how to use it best. 

Paperchase Scrapbook - £10

If any of you have seen Disney's 'Up' then you may understand the thought process that led to me purchasing this scrapbook. I always say that I want to start properly recording where I have been and keeping little bits and pieces but I never get round to it and I never really found a book that I really wanted to use. I know that you can buy the same book that is used in Up but I wanted something different and more me. I plan to dedicate half of it to where I have been and then it true Up style, I will dedicate the second half to all the adventures that I plan on going on either with my boyfriend or on my own. I will start a series when I've made up my first page which could be fun. 

Paperchase Set of 3 Notebooks - £6

I absolutely love the print on these books. The paper is such good quality and I love the fact that I can use a different notebook for each of my modules at Uni. I always like to have a different book for each and these are just perfect. I am a little obsessed with the new Paperchase lines and no doubt more items will be making an appearance here soon! 

Not bad considering my annoyance with Apple! I definitely could have spent a lot more after that trip! 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?




16 Jan 2014

2013 Beauty Favourites!!

Okay so I realise that this is very late! I figured better late than never right? I've been so busy moving back to uni after Christmas but I still wanted to share with you what I've loved this year. Once again, sorry for the awful photo! 

1. Benefit Dallas Bronzer
I have loved this bronzer for years, hence the smashed up box! I hit pan a while back but I'm gonna use it till there's absolutely nothing left. I'm not a fan of muddy coloured bronzer's which is probably why I wasn't a huge fan of NARS Laguna (I know shoot me!). It gives just the right amount of glow and shimmer and has pink undertones which I love! It's not ideal for contouring because of the shimmer but if your looking for a regular bronzer that will give you a natural glow then this is it! 

2. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Hang Up
It took me ages to actually take the plunge and buy this lipstick. I always tend to play it safe and go for nudes but I', so glad I bought it! The photo doesn't do it justice at all but its a deep plum colour, not too purple though and It doesn't look too deep if you apply it lightly so it's really versatile. It's been perfect for the autumn months.

3. Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art - 240, Eclipse
I absolutely love these duo's. The Full colours are so gorgeous and they apply really easily and dry quick which is good if you're like me and don't like waiting! The glitter topcoats are thick too with just the right amount of glitter. I didn't like the texture of the glitter, I like a smooth finish but other than that I can't complain. A week later and only a few chips. I have since picked up 2 new colours!!

4.  Real Techniques brushes
I couldn't even begin to name my favourite Real Techniques brush. I think Samantha Chapman is a genius to be honest! I have just included the Stippling Brush and the Powder Brush in the photo. I love the stippling brush for applying cream blushers. It's a match made in heaven! I never like applying cream blushers with my fingers because 1. I apply way too much and end up looking like a creepy doll and 2. It's an absolute pain to get off your hands and ends up everywhere! The fact I can stipple it onto my cheeks means that I get the perfect amount every time. The powder brush is also perfect. Not much to say other than the fact that you don't get overloaded in a stupid amount of cakey powder.

5. Benefit The Porefessional
This is advertised as a pore minimizer and that's what it does. Perfectly may I add. I only use a small amount in problem areas like my nose and chin. A little bit goes a long way and it has such a nice velvety texture. It's also advertised as a primer and this is where I have a problem with it. I have found that It can speed up the whole foundation slipping off your skin process rather than helping it stay put and my skin is fairly normal if not on the dry side so no oil there! If you only use a little where needed then that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Applying this all over your face will not make you look like Barbie, unfortunately. I absolutely love this product, as a pore minimizer and that's why it's in my favourites but I don't think it would have made it as just a primer.

6. The Body Shop Lip Butter - Shea Nut
Let me start by saying that this smells INCREDIBLE I had never tried anything from the Shea range up until this purchase and now I'm sold. I'm not a fan of the sweeter smelling products as I think they can get a bit sickly but this is just perfect for my life. I did notice that it really moisturised my lips and not just for 5 seconds after application. I put some on an hour ago and I can still feel it now! 

7. L'Oreal Shine Caresse Lip Colour - 101, Lolita
I bought this when they first came out and fell in love instantly. I love the packaging which feels very YSL without the student unfriendly price tag. I picked up Lolita which is a blush pink colour with rose gold highlights. The rose gold is very understated and doesn't give too much shine but does make your lips look really glossy without the sticky texture. One thing I would say is that it does dry my lips out a bit but I love the way it applies and the fact that it's so pigmented! I will definitely be picking up more colours.

8. Bedhead Tigi - EpicVolume Styleshots, Strawberry
I picked this up in TKmaxx for a cut price and didn't really expect much from it to be honest. I have fairly short hair and I've never been picky with conditioner, until now. I saw a side to haircare that I'd never seen before. I could finally style my hair without having to backcomb the life out of it and could use heat on my hair without looking like a lion! This really does volumise my hair and the bottle is so huge that I doubt I will run out for a long time.

9. Collection - Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder - 1 Fair
I remember back in the days when I used to use the Lasting Perfection foundation which I loved and still do love but never buy for some reason. The concealer is a famous beauty cult product and I had never really bothered with the powder as I always used Rimmel Stay Matte. I have since been converted. My skin Is a little dry and mattifying is never something I'm bothered about because my skin is usually matte enough even after foundation so I was just using the stay matte powder, well because everyone else was really. I don't usually think too much to powder apart from longevity and this one is definitely the winner. I can go out for the night and it will still leave my makeup looking acceptable without horrible patches. 

10. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Kate Moss - 08
Okay so admittedly I have a stupid problem with the fact that Rimmel didn't name the Kate Moss lipsticks. It bothers me. Okay, got that out of the way. I have always liked the Lasting Finish lipsticks and I absolutely love Kate Moss so yeah I bought into that whole collaboration thing. The shade is perfect for my lip colour. I find that its just dark enough to not be a complete match but it's light enough to work with any look at all and I really love the fact that I can be in a rush and know that this one will work. It doesn't dry my lips out and as the name suggests, it has a lasting finish! I also really like the matte packaging. 

11. Diorskin Forever Foundation - 010
I had read a few reviews before switching from MAC Studio Fix and trust me, it was a hard transition. I just found that I was applying too much to get the coverage that I wanted and wanted to try a different brand altogether. I had been reading foundation reviews and hadn't really made a choice. I was walking past the Dior stand in Debenhams (does this review sound like a story?) and decided to try it out and asked the Lady at the desk about it. She kindly applied some for me and I loved it. I know it doesn't work for everyone, especially with oily skin but it gives me medium coverage, full if you build it up and stays on for as long as I need it to. I love the matte packaging and its also very luxurious which is of course to be expected from Dior. A little really does go a long way which is definitely nice given the price tag! 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?