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23 Jan 2013

Whats my favourite Lipstick?

MAC Satin Lipstick - A27 Faux

I am 100% the world's most picky person when it comes to lipstick. I can go shopping, have millions of swatches on my hand, and yet no lipstick.
I went for years wearing absolutely no lipstick because I couldn't ever find my perfect lip colour.
Then one beautiful day in manchester, I discovered my love...
MAC faux.After a day of my usual swatching, I had pretty much given up hope until I tried one more time at the MAC counter.
I asked the assistant if she could recommend a nude colour that would suit me and that's when I was first introduced.
This gorgeous satin finish lipstick looks gorgeous on the lips. The slight taupe undertone makes this the perfect neutral shade for any occasion.
I sometimes find that MAC lipsticks aren't great for longevity but I actually found that this one lasts a decent amount of time.
This now has pride of place in my daily makeup bag and I have a feeling it's going to be there for a long time!!


Leesha xx

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