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1 May 2013

Kink Free Hair You Say?! - Popbands

Before i even start this review, why can't all my post come in envelopes like this?! I was recently sent a few Popband hair bands to review and i have to say, the packaging and attention to detail really caught my eye. 

For starters, each band comes individually packaged and on the card there are instructions on how to wear them which i think is a really nice touch. I felt like i was opening more than just an average hair band which was really nice! 

I received 2 leopard print larger bands, which I have been loving for keeping my fringe back when i do my makeup, as well as exercising, a beautiful mint green band with a lovely diamante charm. I think this one will be great for going out when you want your hair up but with a little twist! I also received a tie dye style pink band and a navy blue one. I have found the navy blue one comes in really handy for everyday.

Now they claim to be no kink, no rip hairbands. I was a little skeptical at first because as I'm sure most of you will agree, the little kink you get when you take down your hair can be the most annoying thing!. I have tried these a few times now in different situations and i can confirm...NO KINKS!! I know, a little bit over the top, but really, they didn't leave a single wave in my hair and didn't rip my hair at all. Even the one with the charm!

I do think they feel a little bit flimsy and so i wonder how long they will last in comparison to regular hair bands so i will have to report back on that note. Other than that i can't find any faults. I love all the colours and the variety and the different colours and prints allow you to use the hair bands as an accessory on your wrist and then transform your hair in seconds. I have really enjoyed trying out these products and I am certain that i will be checking out their range for my holiday this year!

Check these out at : http://thepopband.com - They are even offering free postage for UK orders!

Great Product

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  1. Really, NO kinks?! Sounds like a dream come true to me. I definitely need to try these out!! x