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16 Apr 2013

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine - #9 - Nude In Private

After walking through Debenhams most weekends and swatching this shade I finally caved!
It was love at first sight to be perfectly honest with you and after having a bad morning I needed a pick me up.
I chose #9 - Nude In Private since I'm a student with no money, the £24 I didn't have spare to pay for this needed to go to good use and I figured this was the most wearable shade for me.
The colour range is amazing first and foremost. From deep red's and a very very deep purple to really light nudes, there is definitely a shade for every occasion. 
The packaging is just perfect.
It feels really luxurious and expensive and its just so pretty to look at.
As for the finish, it does what it says on the tin, It gives a shine. Nothing too glossy but a really pretty subtle shine with a really lovely flush of colour.
the longevity is comparable to MAC, I feel that it wears just as normal, no more, no less. It does fade in the centre throughout the day but doesn't leave that annoying line/stain which is definitely a positive.
The only thing I dislike is the smell, most people love it and so It's probably just personal taste, i just think it smells too fruity and doesn't have that familiar lipstick smell. 
Little bit picky but when you're applying it, it does smell quite strongly.
Overall I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a makeup splurge that will make your day just that little bit better.


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