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18 Dec 2013

Lets Be Friends!!

One of the things that appealed to me about blogging was meeting people through social media. I love taking inspiration from other people and I'm sure I'm not the only one that loves to nosy around instagram.
Pop on over to my instagram via the little button on the right and give me a follow or comment below with your username.

I'll be posting daily with updates and will be running a giveaway over there soon too so keep your eyes peeled!

I need more people on my feed so i need your help!


Love Leesha



  1. I love your blog, and it has some amazing quality!
    I am also from Cumbria, and hoping to venture to university next September.

    I have also followed you back on bloglovin!

    Jess from 'Jessie' xo


  2. Thanks :) Love you're blog! Which Uni's are you looking at?
    Leesha <3

  3. I'll be your friend! :)
    Love the Blog!