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21 Dec 2013

My Christmas Wishlist 2013

I just can't shake this christmassy feeling this year and I'm loving it!! Doing the Christmas tag yesterday inspired me to blog about my Christmas wishlist! Here's my top 10 picks for this year right down from 10 to my number 1 wish!!. If anyone is in touch with Santa, send him here ;) thanks!

10. MAC - Ruby Woo
I have been lusting after this for the longest time and I somehow always end up buying a different shade! At least if Santa brings it then I can't say no!!

9.  Pandora Charm
My boyfriend bought me my Pandora bracelet for my 18th birthday along with 3 charms and since then i have received one each year from my parents. I don't have any dangly (is that even a word?!) charms and I would LOVE one for Christmas this year!

8. Fluffy Slippers!
One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is curl up and watch a film with my duvet and SLIPPERS!!! The pair I'm using at the moment are looking a bit tired now so i would LOVE some new ones to snuggle up in on boxing day!
7. Doc Martens - Serena
I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with these!!! I can't say much more about the matter to be honest. How warm will these be?! I'm gonna throw this out there and be totally controversial but I really don't like wearing UGG's. They look great on some people but with my legs not exactly matchstick width they just don't look right so these are a perfect alternative. My black leather docs are my staple shoe choice and I would LOVE these!!

6. Jewel Candle
I'm already a massive fan of scented candles and i especially love the christmas scents so when I watched Mammaful zo's video reviewing these I fell in LOVE I really like the idea of giving someone a gift that's more than a candle and not knowing yourself what's really in it. I'm definitely going to be buying these for my friends birthdays now I know about them but I would love to try out the scents for myself this Christmas!

5. Perfume - Ghost Sweetheart
This is my favourite scent of all time and the price really suits my student budget! This was my first Christmas present from my boyfriend along with a necklace so not only does it smell amazing but it also reminds me of him. It's really nice as a daytime perfume and I've just used the last drop so hopefully Santa brings me some more this year!

4. Marc Jacobs watch
Ok so this is a little out of Santa's price range but I really can't stop looking at it! I was torn between the silver and crystal one and this one but I've fallen in LOVE with this one! Shame there's a budget!I think I'm gonna have to save up and treat myself next year!

3. Nutribullet
Being a student I find it really difficult to keep veggies fresh and use them all without wasting money. This usually means that I end up eating microwave rubbish or just salad for a healthy meal. I tried a juicer and a smoothie maker but nothing would get rid of the horrible pulp stuff and seeds. I really want the nutribullet as it completely pulverizes the fruit/veg instead of just blending it. I would LOVE to be able to throw all my veggies in and make a juice to take to my lectures!

2.The Great Gatsby 3D
This film was the highlight of my year to be perfectly honest. I read the book in college and loved it and the film was even better. Since we have a 3D TV I really want to watch it in 3D whenever I feel like a film afternoon/night! Definitely a close call for the top spot on my list!

1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette!!!!!!
You didn't think I was gonna leave this out did you?!?! I read the announcement for this during an Advertising lecture and very nearly ran to the train station to go to Liverpool and buy it! My student budget didn't quite agree with my reaction and so i just popped it on my christmas list instead!! I LOVE the colors and I'm obsessed with reviews and tutorials! This is gonna be another cheeky purchase if Santa doesn't leave it under the tree this year!!

What's on your Christmas list this year? Drop me a comment below I'd LOVE to know!!





  1. The urban decay naked 3 is on our wishlist, as we think it is with every other makeup obsessed girl!! We've all been bitten by the Xhristmas bug!


    1. Really hope santa leaves it under the tree this year! Love your blog! <3