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30 Dec 2013

Review: Nutribullet

The Nutribullet is one of those things that you see on teleshopping at 3am when you've woken up to the TV still on. I'm never usually drawn to them but this time I actually watched the whole thing!
I'd been wanting a smoothie maker of some sort for ages but could never find one that was easy and quick enough to clean. There was always a little tap or an awkward blade somewhere that needed cleaning. 

The nutribullet has one blade that needs to be cleaned and the cup that you make the 'Nutriblast' in and that's all! I really like the fact that it takes me a minute to have everything ready to use again.

As is true of every year, I need to get healthy. More so now that my parents have booked a holiday and my 'bikini bod' isn't anywhere near fit for a bikini. With little to no time to go to the gym (if I actually do all my uni work!) I figured I would have to do little bits of exercise here and there and really give my body a boot up the backside. The Nutribullet comes with a handy book with loads of recipe's for 'Nutriblasts' which contain 50% greens such as spinach or kale and then fruit with a 'boost' of nuts, seeds or dried berries. There are recipe's for different things such as 'Immune Booster' which as the title suggests, boosts your immune system. 

The Nutribullet doesn't actively claim that it will be the key to losing weight. You can't eat as you do at the moment, make some smoothies and expect to be 3 stone lighter by the following week. However, combined with a healthier diet and exercise The 'Nutriblasts' can be a good counterpart and can even be used to cleanse/detox.

In my Nutriblast I used:

A handful of spinach
1 Orange
1 cup Mango
A few Almonds
Some Goji berries
Some Hemp seed

After adding water up to the MAX line I blended it for about a minute

Just a bad quality phone pic sorry!!

It didn't look overly appetising but it did smell really good and ended up tasting really good too! If I were to recreate the same recipe I would probably use less almonds but then I'm not a fan of almonds anyway!

 I'm not sure 100% how I'm going to do this whole 'bikini bod' thing, especially when I'm at uni but I'm hoping that I can write out a plan over the next few weeks that I will share with you. I might even look at making a little series out of it so watch this space!

Anyone here got a cool Smoothie Maker/Nutribullet?

Feel free to leave me hints/tips! I need them!!!





  1. Great recipe! I like to add chia seed or ground flax sometimes!

    1. I need to try flax! Couldn't find any when I went shopping last! :) x

  2. I love mine!! I got Magic bullet over 10yrs ago and wwhen it gave up I bought a Nutri bullet instead and are very pleased! Weee :D

  3. I just did a blog post on getting fit and healthy and I talked about my green smoothie recipe that might help you out :) http://www.jadesjoys.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. It looks so nice! Never thought to put green tea in! :) x