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18 Dec 2013

My Uni Life

I wanted this post to be all about Uni. Where I'm studying, What I'm Studying and Why! 
I feel like when i was waiting patiently (more like impatiently!) for my results i was just spamming websites with any information on the uni that i wanted to go to. They were all helpful don't get me wrong but there wasn't a blog. I wanted a blogger to have written all about Edge Hill and why they went there. Cute photos of their room, photos of the campus, information about the nightlife etc...

I know that the chances of someone who is starting Edge Hill in September and are looking for exactly what i was last year are pretty slim but if you're that person, then i'm thinking that you're probably in the right place.

The Room

My room is in the newer blocks situated on campus (I'm not gonna say where exactly for safety reasons) and its probably one of the nicest uni accommodation blocks that I've seen and trust me i went to plenty of open days!

Excuse the Image Quality!!
One of the many things that I love about my room is the fact that it is so bright! Even on a dull wintery day, my room never looks dark and gloomy which i love. Helps motivate you to do work!!

The Campus

I absolutely LOVE the campus! I am from the countryside and the second that i walked on to the campus i felt at home. It's really helped me settle in and feel less homesick and the scenery is beautiful from little streams to duck ponds and quaint little bridges. There is a modern feel to the buildings on campus and it looks really fresh.

The Degree

This part is fairly simple...

   BSc (Hons) Marketing with Advertising

I can do a whole post on this sometime if you like, just feel like it would need a dedicated post!

The Social Life

Ok, so I am an honest woman and i feel like it would be dishonest to tell you that Ormskirk will be the best night out of your entire life. It will however be memorable. Ormskirk isn't a city centre but still has a fairly good nightlife with a range of both pubs and clubs. Its not too expensive and taxi's are £3 or a walk is easy enough so can't complain there! A train to liverpool takes 30 minutes and under a fiver though and that on the other hand will be an amazing night! Yes the drinks are more expensive if you don't go on a student night but its more than worth it!

Me squeezed in between 2 of my flatmates - Envi, Liverpool

I feel like i could put so much more information into this post but i doubt anyone could cope with the length! 
If anyone has any questions, feel free to post below and I'll get back to you ASAP!!

If you're applying to uni at the moment or waiting for offers then good luck!! 

Keep Working Hard



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