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31 Dec 2013

Goodbye 2013 - Hello 2014!

This is going to be a slightly different post for me. I'm aware of the fact that my followers probably don't know all that much about me, so I thought since I had a free afternoon, I would write a chit chat sort of post. I  wanted to round up 2013 in my little world and get ready to welcome in 2014 
A lot has happened this year and although there hasn't been anything major (apart from going to uni of course!) I feel like my life has changed a lot. Obviously I haven't seen my friends and family as much over the past few months and that's been a really weird change as I'm used to being at the most 10 minutes away from the people I love! I passed the 3 year mark with my boyfriend that just confirmed the seriousness of our relationship and suddenly it felt so real. Up until that point in August I did see us being together forever (soppy alert!) but it still felt kinda new. We went on our first holiday together in June and yes it was only Center Parcs but it was lovely to go away together and that was another first for us.  Next year it will be 4 years and theres something about that that seems so so much longer than 3!! 
Turning 19 was weird for me, I was so used to being 18 and I felt like it was a really fun age, plus I had really bad tonsillitis for my 19th birthday and ended up going to bed at about half 10 while all my friends carried on the party downstairs. Hopefully this years birthday will be a little more exciting for me!
As far as aims go for 2014 It's pretty simple. I want to become a much more successful blogger because I love it. I couldn't care how many followers or readers I have and although it's even so lovely to chat to some of you and I love reading your comments and replying! It's definitely the highlight of my day when I get to read through your lovely comments. Not only does it help me improve my blog and tailor what I'm writing to what you guys love but I also really like responding to your comments and checking out your blogs too! I like to get to know the people who are reading my posts! I would love to continue my Leesha Loves series and I'm hoping to fit in another series when I get back to uni. 
I would absolutely love to know if theres anything at all that you would like to see differently or any requests you have for the coming months. I'm always up for ideas and tips! 
I would also like to include more beauty reviews on my blog as again It's something that I really enjoy doing and I buy enough beauty products to be able to write as many as I can!
I need to get fit for July and that really doesn't seem like long enough! My own personal problems tend to get in the way a lot and I've been anywhere between a size 6 and a size 16 over the years! Who knows I might find a happy medium in 2014 and finally be happy with my body! That would definitely be nice! 
Then theres the simple things. I want to wear more lipstick, I would like to watch films that are outside my usual Rom Coms, British Drama's and the odd Blockbuster. I want to go for more walks and get more sleep. I want to grow my hair and always have my nails painted. 
I do want to start some sort of Love My Body series but I guess I'm half afraid of failing and then the whole series being ruined so I'm gonna have to have a think about that one. What do you guys think?
I have a lot of posts already planned for January so keep your eyes peeled and keep in touch! I will never stop loving receiving comments and emails from you guys. It blows my mind how anyone can care about what I write so I absolutely love talking to you all!

What are you looking forward to in 2014?





  1. Lovely post! Hope you have a wonderful new year :)
    Ava xox

    1. Thanks lovely! nice blog! Happy New Year <3 xx

  2. Nice post. Best wishes to you. Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you lovely :) Happy New Year! <3 xx

  3. What a lovely post I've just discovered you, looking forward to future posts:) All the best for the New Year:) Xxx


    1. Thank you hun! Love your blog :) Need to try the passionfruit Body Shop stuff now! Happy New Year! xxx

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post having just recently found you! I really think you should do a love your body series and here's why. I started this contest at work to lose weight and I entered with the thought that I would just be rubbish and fail like I always do. BUT I found that public accountability made me work even harder. I even had a small reward for myself. Each time I lost 10lbs I bought myself some sexy undies at the shop. When I wore them, I felt confident and accomplished. I have only lost 20lbs since May but since my public "jumpstart" it makes me want to keep going...and keep buying sexy undies. Happy New Year!!

  5. Happy New Year (good luck with those resolutions)!
    I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out.
    -Ignis Au xoxo